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9 Important facts to consider when looking for a new job in London!

It took me nine months to relax from my previous entrepreneurship era and start a new career as a Technology Advisor at Futurice Ltd in London. During the nine months period, I had enough time to explore new markets and think about what could be my next interesting and lucrative move. I’m going to write more about my explores later, but first I will share my thoughts about finding a job in London as it is in my fresh memory.…

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To Be Or Not To Be A Startupper

Back days during my university studies, I was always wondering what is the source  of multi-billion dollar/euro enterprises. How can you create such a company, and what do you need to be able to run the company. There are still many people, who are thinking about the same questions and trying to seek the answer. Let me make the answer easy to understand. Any living object in this world has a start. Even our world had its own start during the big bang process. Companies…

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