About Saman

Saman Ahmadi is a Data and DevOps architect working on Azure. With more than 15 years of experience in the Microsoft ecosystem, I help my clients with daily technical challenges in their business. I have worked on unique projects in different industries such as Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing, Media, Chemicals, Financial, High Tech, Hospitality, Retail, and Bio-tech during my career.

Data and Analytics

One of my focus areas for the past three years has been working with data as a data engineer and architect. I have the experience to work closely with business leaders and stakeholders in different industry sectors to create and deliver optimal solutions to solve business problems. During the engagement of the project cycle and having enough understanding of the requirements, my skills are used to model, store, and transform data into business as usual.

As the Azure Data Architect, my primary responsibility is developing, optimising, and overseeing conceptual and logical data systems. I have experience with the most Azure data and analytics services like Azure Data Factory, Databricks and Spark, Data Lake and Delta Lake, and Synapse Analytics. In addition, depending on the data type and quality, I work with both SQL and NO-SQL databases like CosmosDB and Azure SQL.

DevOps and DataOps

The importance of well-architected solutions has grown as the usage of the cloud increases in enterprises. Therefore, the governance and strategy of the cloud infrastructure, security aspects, maintainability, cost-management, and automation are topics I have helped my clients in enterprise-grade environments. Terraform, and Azure DevOps pipelines are the tools I have the most experience with to provide teams with the needed environment for continuous delivery and code integration.

Full-stack Development

My primary back-end programming language is C#, and I have seen the evolution of the .net framework since 2006. As enterprises adopted Azure to provide scalable cloud solutions, I switched from SharePoint and M365 development to cloud-based self-service solutions using the API and Microservices architecture. Besides the coding, I also develop blueprints to align strategy and processes with business goals.

I have high experience using Azure app services, Functions, Application insights, Log analytics and related services to create PaaS solutions.

Front-end development has been less in my responsibilities and focuses on my professional work-life and projects. Instead, I have done hobby projects using Angular, Boostrap, Swift, and auto-layout during my free time.


I love business development and the startup mindset. I have several blog posts about the companies I have co-founded. The most successful one is Digital Illustrated which was founded in 2010. The experience gave me the skills to lead a company, be part of sales and marketing, handle day to day business operations, recruitment, partner relations and much more. Read more about the story from my “The Sweet Goodbye” blog post.

Meltlake was also a company I co-founded but decided not to continue after the funding round. The story about Meltlake is under my “Meltlake by Futurice, The Founding Story” blog post.

As an experienced entrepreneur and leader, I found it essential to share my ideas and experiences with others. As an experienced entrepreneur and tech lead, I found it necessary to share my thoughts and experiences with others. My posts might encourage and motivate them to take risks and bring their ideas and visions to reality. My technical posts are more deep-dive or how-to articles.

My Current Certifications