About Saman

My passion for computers started in mid 90’s with 486 computers. My first IT related job was in the beginning of the millennium and my first startup was founded in 2002 to create web and mobile based games. After the bachelor’s degree in Media Engineering I got introduced to Microsoft ecosystems and started to work as a software engineer for a global IT company. By gaining the experience and the knowledge it was time to change the world and bring a new company to Finnish ecosystem to deliver high quality and agile business solutions for the customers and amazing work environment for co-workers.

I was born with the Innovation, leadership entrepreneurship skills. Those skills changed my life in 2010 when my second startup was created. I am a creative, multi-cultural and seasoned speaker with excellent communications and oratory skills. Sales is one of my strong features and I have a good understanding of business possibilities and benefits in b2b and b2c fields. I love to work with people with different backgrounds. Hiring, creating and leading teams are one of my strengths. Currently the startup called Digital Illustrated is part of Visma Consulting with more than 2000 employees.

The first code line I wrote was with Turbo Pascal programming language in mid-90’s. As internet became more frequent I got interested in web technologies like HTML and CSS and started to write web applications with PHP. The object oriented way of programming was introduced to me at the university by writing Java based applications. My final bachelor thesis was done with .NET and Microsoft technologies and that was the turning point for me to move from open source technologies and become Microsoft Professional. For almost 10 years I have been working in Microsoft’s ecosystem with Information Management, Document Management, Content Management and Customer Relation Management systems. Products like SharePoint (2003-2013) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2011-2015) are the most platforms I have been working with. Currently my focus is on Microsoft’s Cloud like Office 365 and Windows Azure.

As an experienced entrepreneur and leader I found it important to share my ideas and experiences with others. This might give them the encourage and motivation to take the risks and bring their ideas and visions to the reality and change the world. The blog might contain some technical posts as well. The idea is not to go to  the code level and bring the business values to the readers.

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