Technical Challenges of Extranets and Customer Engagement

Customer engagement

Over a decade of being a part of Microsoft ecosystem and solving customer’s needs, one of the most challenging tasks has been the engagement of customers and providing self-service systems to the end-users. In the old days and even currently some enterprises refer to the system as an “Extranet”. The cloud era and especially Microsoft’s Azure and the seamless integration between services has eventually changed the world. Few years ago to have an environment where customers could authenticate, update their…

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An Excellent Idea For A Start-up! (Part 1)

Excellent Idea

It has been a while since my last blog post, but in IT business a lot happens at beginning of the year which has kept me particularly busy. I would like to dedicate my next two posts to the subject of an “Idea” and the importance of the idea behind start-ups. Whilst acting as an entrepreneur, I have engaged in constructive discussions with young entrepreneurs and some students who are planning their own start-ups. In most cases, I felt that young entrepreneurs do not focus on the idea…

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To Be Or Not To Be A Startupper

Back days during my university studies, I was always wondering what is the source  of multi-billion dollar/euro enterprises. How can you create such a company, and what do you need to be able to run the company. There are still many people, who are thinking about the same questions and trying to seek the answer. Let me make the answer easy to understand. Any living object in this world has a start. Even our world had its own start during the big bang process. Companies…

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Follow, Believe and Take Over

In my last two posts I had a review of the history of my entrepreneurship and the experience in a large corporation. In this blog post I will have a review of my transfer to a smaller company and the revoke of the belief to entrepreneurship. This will be my last blog post about the history and from the next post I will concentrate on entrepreneurship and the creation of startups. Here is again a quote from Jack Ma (the founder of…

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Begin A Part Of A Big Machine

I was watching a video clip from the founder of jack Ma who is the richest man in China these days. He said: As young guy and before 30’s follow somebody. In a big company it is good to learn about processes and you are a part of big machine. In this blog post I’ll go through how I ended up to Tieto Corporation and few words about the unit I was working for. The post will give good reasons why did…

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The Big Bang of My Entrepreneurship

They say history matters, and they are right. Here is the story of my wonderful failure and the first startup I created more than 14 years ago. It was beginning of the millennium and the web/browser based games started to become more general. I was hooked with a game called Planetarion. The game was browser-based massively multiplayer online game and the idea was to build, develop create an army and destroy the enemy (Like all other strategy games). Planetarion story…

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